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Shipped from the Netherlands

Thank you very much for your order! You can choose with which carrier you want your package to be sent. Take into account which carrier has a delivery point in your area. When a package cannot be delivered at home, it will be taken to a delivery point.

Your choice is that carrier with a white ball in front of it. Which choice you make is at your own risk and is not the responsibility of

PostNL is the Dutch postal company with contacts with all local postal companies in Europe. They come to everyone’s home.
Only packages sent with PostNL will be delivered to the shipping point the next working day. The other packages are delivered to the carrier twice a week.

Please note that a package with DHL may not be heavier than 2 kilograms and with UPS no more than 3 kilograms.

With DHL and UPS, your package is insured up to a value of € 100. If the value exceeds this amount, please contact us so that we can increase the insurance.

Each transport company has a different number of processing days. As a result of the Corona crisis, no company guarantees the normal number of processing days.

When you add your product to the cart and fill in your address you will see the shipping costs to your country.